Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bikes... March 2010

This is actually another page I found part way finished in a folder. Apparently I started working on it... got all the elements put in but couldn't decide what to do about paper! So last night I finally finished it while watching a movie.
All of the above can be found at

Title and dates are Bosshole
Journaling font is Socially Awkward


Early in August I worked on getting caught up on my calendear pages. I put them all together and did all the keeping track of materials, and then forgot to ever post them or send them! Oops. So here they are April - July!
April Credits:
Paper and Elements are all from Crystal Wilkerson's Rainbow Sherbert Collection
Everything Available from
May Credits:
Paper and Elements are all from Crystal Wilkerson's Playground Collection,
Papers here, elements here, add-on here.
Everything Available from
June Credits:
Stiching is from Splendid Fiins Sew Crafty
Everything Available from
July Credits:
Paper and Elements are all from Linda Roos Tricolor Papers and Elements
Papers can be found here, and Elements can be found here
Everything Available from

As an added bonus, when I found the old calendars languishing in an email draft on September 1st, I decided to go ahead and put together August's Calendar as well!
August Credits:
Paper and Elements are all from Kitschy Digitals Calico Dream Digital Kit
Everything Available from

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sky is the Limit...

The Sky is the Limit
Cirque du Ciel Papers and accents by Queen of Quirk

Template #5 by Splendid Fiins

all available at

Continuing the QuickPage thing...

This Quickpage is by Spendid Fiins at It is called @ the office - Quickpage 2 and can be found here.

I did this page in the car and forgot to write down the fonts... but the journaling is socially awkward (as always!).

Friday, July 30, 2010

Crystal's Sweet Summertime Quickpages!!!

I have to admit something. I am a quickpage snob. I hate using quickpages because then I feel like the page I have made isn't "mine." But Crystal made this set of seven great quickpages that are super cute. I am so far behind on my scrapbooking, and I am trying to catch up, but it is slow going. We are just such a busy family and take so many pictures! So last night I sat down with a goal to use all seven quickpages. I tried to spread them out so that they wouldn't be all right next to each other. These pages range from August of last year until yesterday, so hopefully they won't end up too close to each other in the album!

As far as credits go I am going to just tell you that they are Sweet Summertime Quickpages 1 - 7, they are not in order on this page, but they are all available at and they are all by Crystal Wilkerson!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Linda Roos:
It's a start 3 - 1

Ice Skating Title: Freeze
Info on "ticket": Times New Roman
Journaling: Socially Awkward