Friday, March 21, 2008

VIsit Our Real Blog

We tried doing a blogger blog when we first got the idea of blogging, sometime back in 2007.

In the end we decided to go with a .mac account for a more comprehensive family website.  

To get to the page go to

From there you can:

Go to Blog 1 - all entries prior to September 2007
Go to Blog 2 - all entries from September 2007 to present
Go to Albums - to see pictures, we make an album when we have lots of photos from an event
Go to Home Movies - to see some of our movies that we have, although some are only on the blog page...

Please stop by and visit, and leave some comment love!

There also is a blog that tracks the little moments in our life everyday for 2009.  You can view that blog at

Dion, Chris, Jonathan and Nicholas

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Tablogger said...

Hello from Chase & Isabelle!

Chase says: "Nicholas & Jonathan, I miss you guys. Thank you for sending me a postcard from your trip. Are you gonna take any trips to London? We live in London."

Isabelle says: "I hope to see you soon. love from the Tabers."