Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What, you aren't ever going to update again you say?

Yeah, that is right, we haven't updated in forever.  I am seriously considering switching to blogger.  I know, that is a crazy thing to say from a devoted mac user.  I have the latest update for the mac suite at home and need to install it and see if they have done anything with thier web editor that will make me happier, but as of right now, I am thinking of switching to blogger.  The nice thing is that I can still keep some things on our old host site, and just change the daily blog over to blogger....

For right now though, you have better luck on our 365 blog, which is not nearly as wide scoped as a traditional blog, but it is being updated with an entry for every day of the year, so it is pretty informative about the little things in life.

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