Friday, March 20, 2009

Five more pages

Dane County Fair, done with the color my world kit from Little Dreamer.  
Summer Reading Program, done with the exlporer kit from little dreamer
Nicholas shares, page done with the lazy days of summer kit from weeds and wildflowers
Page done with the true colors set from little dreamer
page done with true colors kit form little dreamer.

Sorry the pages popped up out of order... I am way to lazy to move them around to make them right... you can of course click on them to make them big enough to read the journaling.  And, just an update... three more pages and I will be 100% done with July - December of last year... I am so excited!  One of them is most of the way done, I just need to add in the papers, etc... the other two are ones I have been putting off because I have way too many pictures, and have to pare it down... I am sure though that I will have them before I go to bed tonight.  (hmmm, maybe we will go to chicago tomorrow... I think I might be pretty anxious to get it all the way printed and bound up in an album now that it is done... it is the first time since I had my first child that I have ever been able to finish a series of months like this!  Not to mention that I am totally caught up in 2009... also a first for me!)

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