Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Have Decided

Project 365 seemed so daunting when I started.  I have never even managed to write in a journal every day, or even every week for a whole year, so how in the world would I be able to keep up with a picture and commentary every day?  But it has been super easy.  All because of Blogger.  SO I have decided to abandon Apple... don't get me wrong I still love them, but I am done with using them for our blog, it takes to much time and memory on my computer!  So, the will redirect here now.  I will post blog stuff here, and make updates here.  This is also great because Dion can post too (which was hard before because the files were on my computer not his...).  We will have some common labels for you so that those of you who only want to keep track of one type of post can do that.  There will be General, which is what we have been doing, etc...; there will be crafts, which will be where I post scrapbook pages, etc, etc, etc; There will be Dion, which will be where Dion can post things like the autographs that he gets etc;  and there will be Jonathan, which will be where Jonathan can post book reviews, or whatever he wants.  They all will show up on the blog mixed together, but you can use the labels to separate out just one type of entry if you want to.

I hope that this works and makes it easier.  Oh, and for those of you that just want to bookmark one blog... I put a link at the top of the the project 365 blog that tells when this one was last updated, and the project 365 blog is on the list on the side of this blog, so that you can see when it has been updated, so you only need to link both if you want to!

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