Friday, March 20, 2009

Reflections upon this grand occasion...

Yeah, yeah, yeah I realize that the occasion of my being done with all of the scrapbooking for July - December of last year is not necessarily grand for anyone but me... but humor me, okay?

So, in January as I sat back and thought about how life was going to change when I started school, I got thinking about the things I was going to do while I was home this year.  You know, the grand ambitions and lists I had when I was working full time, and felt like the freedom of staying home would let me get so much done... yeah, the time when I was delusional.  I realized that one of the things that I thought a lot about was that I wanted to be caught up a bit with scrapbooking.  I have a pretty good photo record of my life before marriage.  I also made a point of scrapbooking the wedding before the first baby came... but since January 20th, 2003, when Jonathan made his crazy entrance to the world... I have been constantly behind.  

I decided in January, that it was reasonable to want to finish 2008 before school started.  I have not printed any pictures from 2008 at all, my intentions from before 2008 started were to do 2008 digitally.  So, I got to work.  I started out going backwards.  Somehow it was easier to do the stuff that was more recent (probably because my brain could think about how Christmas seemed like just yesterday... and doing stuff from before the move makes me think about how far I have to go!)  As I worked backwards through the year, I have kept current with this year.  Doing project 365 has helped with that because it makes me uber aware of what is going on and what I might want to scrapbook.  

Tonight I finished the last few pages of July.  Literally, I have not had this much done since before Jonathan was born.  He is six.  So, the fact that I have 6 months done, means that I am about 1/12 of the way through my enormous backlog... but it is still six months!  Hooray!

Now I am rethinking the goal. It has been just over two months since I started, and I have gotten six months done.  If I keep up at this rate I will be able to not just finish 2008, but 2007 too... although I should proably stop counting my chickens before they hatch, watch the bird in my hand not the one in the bush, etc, etc, and just keep going.  

I am on to last January now (I decided to work forward for this half of the year... I don't have as many pictures from the first part of the year.  It feels like I am getting so much done with there are only a few pages in a month!)... wish me luck!

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