Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Big Blizzard

We have had quite a snowy road trip.  We are still hopeful that it will clear up enough for us to see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Devil's Tower tomorrow as we continue on our way to Helena.  We took some pictures of the storm as we have traveled, and I put one up for the photo of the day over at, but it was so hard to pick just one, so here is a bit of a photo essay of our trip - 

We took this picture before we got into the thick of the storm.  It got worse.  As we were driving through this Dave was crying in the back.  There weren't really any towns to stop in, and we wanted to just keep going.  Finally though his crying was driving me insane, and we found a rest area so we stopped.
Doesn't this look fun?  Dave was crying because he had diarheaa (sp?).  Poor guy.  I stood out here as long as I could tolerate to let him poop, and by the time I got back in the car I was a popsicle.  You can see all the snow in the picture, it is going sideways from the wind (notice how you can see Marley's leash blowing in the wind... it has got to be quite a wind to pull out extra slack on a retractable leash!).
In Wall, South Dakota (where Wall Drug is) we stopped for gas and food and discovered that the roads were closed ahead and so we couldn't go much further.  We got a hotel at the Best Western where they allow pets, there is free wi fi and there is an indoor pool.  We took naps and then went swimming.  It was strange to be swimming in the middle of this storm, but the hot tub worked wonders for the tension that had built up during our white knuckled drive through the blizzard.
When we came back to the room after swimming, we showered and put on our pjs and then sent Dion out to get food for us from the only local restaurant open during the storm.  But the car was stuck in the parking spot.  We finally got the car out and I borrowed a shovel to clear the spot so that we don't get stuck again.  I felt right at home shoveling.  This is supposed to be vacation!

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