Friday, April 24, 2009

So Excited!!!

I know that this is of little relevance to most people, but the woman at the costco photo center made my weekend!  I sent some scrapbook pages in online to have them printed because we were going out there tonight to get dog food.  When I went to pick them up she was grinning and told me that she was waiting for me to come in because she had found out about a week ago that we are getting a LARGE FORMAT PRINTER!  That measn that I don't need to drive to chicago, or fly around the country to get my pages printed.  It also means that I can print pages whenever I feel like driving out there, and it means that I will be motivated to scrapbook again!  I have been frustrated since we came back from Helena with all of the drama associated with printing... and all of that will be gone soon!  Hooray!

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