Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Weekly mental vacation...

Unlike my lovely spouse who is enjoying 5 day vacation in southern california... I am enjoying a three hour vacation in my little corner of the basement...

Here are the pages that I finished tonight (or earlier this week as the case may be...)
Credits: Template from enchanted studio scraps .com and is called desert sunset. The fonts are rebekah's birthday and socially awkward. The papers and elements are from patriotic flair by Leora Sanford at Little Dreamer Designs
Credits: The template is Pencil LInes 124 by Michelle Filo for the Pencil Lines Blog. All of the papers and elements are all from Crystal Wilkerson and are all available for purchase at Two Peas... but my notes don't apparently tell me what kits they are from... so bad!
Credits: Template is Crystal's Rounded Corners 10. All papers, etc are from Crystal's August Kit. All of that is available The fonts are Socially Awkward, Lima Bean, Jailbird Jenna, and My Own Topher.
Credits: Template is template 01 of the sweet and scallopy templates by Crystal Wilkerson. All papers etc are from Crystal's August Kit. All of the above is available at The fonts are socially awkward and turtle club.
Credits: Template is snow flake designs template 04. All Papers and Elements are from Crystal Wilkerson's September kit at www. The font is socially awkward.
Credits: Template is Erica's Tempalte 4. The papers and elements are from Crystal's September kit at The fonts are an accidental kiss and socially awkward.

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