Saturday, January 9, 2010

December Calendar

Okay, I know I kind of cheated and went ahead and did December's calendar before finishing November's pages. Don't worry I plan to finish both soon, but I actually really hate messing around to get the calendar template and so I went ahead and finished the last two months at once so that I could just be done with the templates. I have a ready made tempalte for next year from www. made my ikari and I cannot wait to use it when we get to the end of January! It will be so nice not to have to make all the little boxes for the pictures!

So, as expected this page was done with Crystal Wilkerson's December collection at I am not sure if she is doing a themed collection each month this year or if I will need to rely on my own inspiration to make a monthly theme... hmm only time will tell!

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Lori Davis said...

You have done so much!!! Keep inspiring me... 2008 is done, 2007 almost there, then I am on to 2009. I love your pages!!