Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pumpkins 2008

We love pumpkins at our house.  It started with the patterns that came with the kits.  Then it moved on to the patterns that you could find on the internet for the characters that Jonathan loved.  Then we learned about letterboxing (for those of you who don't know about letterboxing go to and let me just say I can't wait for the warm weather and the ground to lose its snow cover...) and I learned how to carve stamps, and then the pumpkins took on a whole new meaning.  Jonathan designed his own pumpkins this year and directed me how to carve it.  Nicholas worked with his dad to pick out the shapes for his pumpkins face.  The mummy pumpkin still makes me smile... I love it!

The paper and elements are from the eat drink and be scary kit at weeds and wildflowers.  The font for the journaling and the numbers on the title is don't forget from two peas, and the title is an alphabet brush set that is part of crystal wilkersons march 365 kit at two peas.  The template is a mrswresh blog freebie.  I love it.  I only had to make a small modification to it and it worked great!

I got some help on this page from my friends lori and amanda who came over to learn how to do a digital page.... I always forget how slow everything went when I was learning, now things go so fast, and I didn't plan for it to take so long (sorry ladies).  I can't wait to see the pages they make!

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