Monday, March 23, 2009

Two pages...

This is a page that I originally did not plan on doing (hence the I finished all of july through december, and then going back today and doing a july page...).  But, as I was working on putting all the pages in the album I realized that I needed one more page to make them line up right... this one was the winner.  The template is an old weeds and wildflower template from a challenge that I never completed.  The paper and elements are from the these little moments kit by lisa sisneros at weeds and wildflowers.  I reorganized my scrapbook stuff by designer (I was getting really tired of going through it alphabetically, I think I had the order memorized), and I realized that I really really like her stuff.  

This page nearly drove me insane.  There is something wrong with it, and the type is messed up.  The font size on a scrapbook page is pretty similar to a word document.  Standard type size in word is 12.  I usually go for somewhere between 14 and 20 when I do journaling on a page, partly because the page is busier than a black and white word document, and partly because the fonts are a bit harder to read.  The font on this page is set at a 2.  yes a two.  Why?  I have no idea.  For some reason it was off kilter.  It took me forever to figure out why nothing was showing up when I was typing, and when I finally made my box really really big the words showed up.  HUGE!  So problem solved... kind of.  Hopefully it never happens again!  I am just going to go on my merry little way assuming that it was something funny about the template I used (which was by timounette).  The paper and elements were from the my dad said so kit from Little dreamer, and the title was a brush from one of crystal wilkerson's 365 kits at two peas.

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