Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have been avoiding last summer...

June is a bear. I keep a "grid" of pages to do. I have a whole folder system on my computer, and a piece of paper that shows which order the pages will go in, if they are a single page or a two page spread, etc. Between the June and July calendars on my grid are 36 pages... yes you read that right 36. Please note there are only 30 days in June. Of course some of those are two page spreads (6 of them to be exact), but the bottom line is that June was busy. School ended. We did work in our garden and around the house. Jean came to visit. We drove to Montana. We hung out in Montana. We visited most of the dinosaur trail. We had a funeral and a quasi family reuinion. Lots happened. I suppose I could just rely on the calendar to document the little stuff, but most often the pages of the little stuff are the ones that I not only love to do, but also the ones that I come back to and enjoy looking at the most.

So, today I was taking one of Jessica Sprague's amazing classes (, and I picked a page to do. Her finished product was a little bit more feminine than mine... but that is par for the course around here. We are a boy family, and lots of scrapbook stuff is pretty darn feminine!

So, here are the credits:
The class is called "Walkthrough: Curved Journaling Strips" - and I highly reccomend it. I not only learned about creating the journaling strips, but I am still working through my transition from Elements to Photoshop and the keystrokes alone made it worth the watch!
All of the supplies for the class are donated by Meredith Fenwick, and come with the class enrollment.
The title font is Ma Sexy, the journaling is (my favorite) socially awkward, the font on the curved journaling strips is oh(photo)shoot.

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